Pratik Mohite

"You'd never be a Bodybuilder!"

- A statement many said to Pratik -

Pratik Mohite - Devoted Athlete - (@DevotedWear)
- Specially Abled -
- Bodybuilder -
- National Physique Competitor -

We're all born with some unique & special abilities. What we do with those abilities is what separates us from the crowd!
There are many problems a bodybuilder faces, diet, working out etc, and if one belongs to a humble background like Pratik here, it just makes everything much, much more challenging. And to top it all off, being a specially-abled personality makes it next to impossible!

Still, after facing soo many adverse situations & difficulties, Pratik has proven with his hard work & Devotion, that if you want something bad enough, you'll find a way to make it happen, anyhow!

We at Devoted are extremely excited to have Pratik with us as an athlete. With his help, we hope we'll be able to provide you with some inspiration & help you with your transformation journey!

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Pratik Mohite - Devoted Athlete - Gym clothing & sports wear

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