Measures we're taking to ensure your safety

1. Daily temperature check of our entire staff.

2. Masks compulsory for the entire staff, especially while packing & handling the orders.

3. Regular sanitization & cleaning of our warehouse and also maintaining proper hygiene.

4. Ensuring that the staff washes their hands for more than 25 seconds or uses a sanitizer with over 70% alcohol, before touching any product/order.

5. All our staff is using the Aarogya Setu app - Our entire staff is actively using this app to ensure that they don't come in contact with someone they shouldn't.

What you should do

1. When you receive the order, tell the delivery person to just put the courier on the floor & maintain 1 meter distance from him/her.
Note: If yours is a COD order, give the money to him/her, while maintaining 1 meter distance from his face.

2. Take the order, tear off the outer plastic courier bagplace the inside products somewhere & then throw the courier bag in a dustbin.

3. Now, wash your hands thoroughly, for more than 20 seconds or use a sanitizer with over 70% alcohol.

Note: If you have a sanitizer spray/dispenser, then you can just skip the 2nd & 3rd point & just sanitize the courier bag & your hands.

And that's it! You & your Devoted order is now completely safe & sanitized.

At this moment, we're still learning about the Coronavirus & there is NO data stating that whether this virus can live on clothes for a few hours or not.
Experts have found that viruses similar to the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 survive best on smooth, hard surfaces — such as door knobs. So clothes are probably not a thing to worry about.

Willing to take the extra step?

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