Anand Arnold

"Nothing I have is because of Luck or Chance"

Mr.World Arnold - Anand - Devoted Athlete | Gym & Sports Wear

- Commercial Film Actor -
- Mr.World -
- 3 times Mr.India -
- Paralympic -
- Model -

Our goal at Devoted is to inspire people to live a healthier life, and in our fair opinion, we don't think that there'd be a better way to do it than by having the one and only, Mr. Anand at our side.

Anand started pumping iron at the age of 13 years and won his 1st competition in that same age. Later, however, life decided to go completely upside down on him and at the age of 15, he was diagnosed with cancer in his lower spinal chord which left him paralyzed. After being bedridden for 3 years, Anand decided to fight back and today stands as one of the World's top bodybuilder.

Nothing could shatter his willpower and his unstoppable attitude towards life, because of which today he has attained a physique which others only dream of. He has left his mark in the industry and in the hearts of millions. We're extremely excited to have him on board with us at Devoted.


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Mr.World Arnold - Anand - Devoted Athlete | Gym & Sports Wear

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