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Science behind Boosting Immunity without any Pills & Home Workouts - with Shaurya Bisht
  A short clip from the in-depth podcast 🔼 The 2nd most important thing that you can do after cleanliness to protect yourself from the Coronavirus is to boost your immunity. Staying at your couch, eating Oreos all day is just...
Alcohol, weed & its effects on bodybuilding - Podcast with Shaurya Bisht
    A short clip from the in-depth podcast 🔼In this drunk podcast, Shaurya (an athlete at Devoted) & Navjot (a co-founder) talk about Alcohol, weed & how these substances can have a positive/negative affect on the human body, in terms...
From 115kg to an 8 pack & how you can do the same! - Podcast with Akay Fitness
Listen to it here 👇🏻 Or listen to it on - 1. Spotify2. Apple Podcasts3. Google Podcasts4. Breaker5. Pocket Casts6. Radio Public 7. Hubhopper 8. Headfone 9. Overcast 10. More.. Let's face it, fat loss is a really tedious task, but with the right knowledge & guidance, we can make it a really interesting &...
The only Supplements you need to build an Amazing Physique on a Budget! - Podcast with Shaurya
Listen to it here 👇🏻 Or listen to it on - 1. Spotify2. Apple Podcasts3. Google Podcasts4. Breaker5. Pocket Casts6. Radio Public 7. Hubhopper 8. Headfone 9. Overcast 10. More.. Lets face it, bodybuilding is an expensive sport. Gym, diet, training, everything is quite...
All you need to know about Protein & its Supplementation - Podcast

If you’re looking for any answers regarding protein, then look no further, as this 9 min read will answer all your queries & help you build a great physique faster!

To Creatine or Not to Creatine?
Creatine - A super affordable & amazing supplement or a harmful drug?

If you have ever thought about taking creatine, or are taking creatine & are wondering whether it's any use or not, then this 9-min blog is all you need!
The Essential Must Have Supplements that'll take your Physique to the next Level!
Supplements, the most controversial topic in the fitness & bodybuilding community!

If you're looking to invest in supplementation or are already invested & want to know which supplements are worth your money, then this 9 min read is all you need!
How to build muscle as a Skinny person/Ectomorph?
If you’re a skinny person and feel low as to why you’re not able to build muscle, no matter what you do, then this blog is for you.
Naturally Boost Testosterone Level
Why do people take steroids? Because steroids help build muscle faster by increasing your testosterone levels. So is there a way by which we can boost our testosterone levels naturally and build muscle faster. Yes there is! Read this 15 min blog for more details.
Guaranteed Fat Loss
Is there such a thing as Guaranteed Fat Loss, Yes there is. These 6 steps/principles on our blog, when followed correctly will provide you guaranteed fat loss results from the 1st week, without any supplementation. Read more and lose more than 1kg of fat per week.
Do genetics play a role in building muscle?

Do genetics actually play a role, or is it just a lazy man’s excuse to why he/her isn’t in shape? We’re gonna talk about all of this here. What role does genetics play, how can you test out your levels of genetic limitation etc?

The basic fundamentals of any transformation that you must know!
Whatever your goal might be, losing fat, gaining muscle or being more athletic, there some basic fundamentals for transformation which if applied by you properly will lead to you becoming better at your goals much more effectively and efficiently. Give this 15 blog a read now to transform yourself. #LiveYourWorkout