The only supplements you need to build an amazing physique on a budget - Devoted Gym wear & Sports clothing - Shaurya Bisht (@ShauryaBisht) main

The only Supplements you need to build an Amazing Physique on a Budget! - Podcast with Shaurya

The only supplements you need to build an amazing physique on a budget - Devoted Gym wear & Sports clothing - Shaurya Bisht (@ShauryaBisht)

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Lets face it, bodybuilding is an expensive sport. Gym, diet, training, everything is quite costly. And when you add supplements to the list, then it gets really extortionate!

So, if you're a beginner in working out or an intermediate who hasn't used supplements yet or are just a person who isn't willing to spend a ton in supplementation, then this podcast is for you.

Here, Navjot Singh, a co-founder of Devoted, interviews Shaurya Bisht, an athlete at Devoted, and he talks about the 3 most important supplements that anyone on a budget can invest in, and see amazing results!

The pointers of this podcast are as follows -

  1. Caffeine

has been researched a lot

  • Caffeine helps you in concentration, it increases alertness, it also blocks certain receptors epinephrine, adrenaline and dopamine in simple words it brings the drive you feel during the workout
  • Increases energy expenditure
  • Research showed that taking 600mg Caffeine burnt 100 more calories
  • It also increases muscle strength when taken in apt quantity (300mg or higher)
  • It increases endurance
    - helps you burn more fat
    - results in more blood flow to the muscles (boosts nitric oxide levels)
    - also reduces muscle soreness
  • Dosage 3mg-6mg per kg weight per day
  • Most research shows that you should take caffeine 30-45 mins before workout
  • But taking caffeine every day can cause caffeine intolerance, so be sure not to be dependent on it
  • But if this happens to try to leave caffeine for a week or two
  • Also remember caffeine has a half-life of 6 hours, so take it accordingly or else it will hinder your sleep

Sleep is more important for muscle building than any supplementation


  1. Creatine


Creatine is a compound that is molecule by the body naturally and also found in food sources such as fish and meat

An omnivorous diet can provide up to 1g creatine per day and is not quite adequate

  • It has hundreds of studies backing its benefits and safety

And more than 50 studies show more power output

  • It increases ATP production when needed the most (adding more reps in the tank)
  • It doesn't cause water retention it just draws water in muscles by the process of osmosis
  • Hence giving muscles a fuller and tighter look unlike the myths
  • And so long term use of creatine results in muscle growth, not directly

But by increasing one's RPE and hence providing more muscle stimulus

  • This makes it useless to "cycle off" creatine as the body doesn't create intolerance
  • A study shows around 2 years of taking creatine regularly didn't have any side effects
  • But on the other side research also shows that there are some people who are non-responders to creatine as much as 30%

But you should give it a try as it is mostly affordable

  • Daily usage 3-5 grams
  • Creatine and kidney damage

The creatine passes through the intestines and kidneys and produces a bi-product creatinine

And kidney health check-up requires the measurement of creatinine levels, the person who takes it will have high levels of creatinine

This is nothing to worry about as the kidneys excrete out all the creatinine

And there are a lot of studies proving that

  • This one is the only supplement with more than 1000 studies
  • Widely consumed in the fitness industry
  • Convenient
  • High quality
  • Cost-efficient


  1. Whey Protein


  • Whey protein is the protein in cow milk

20% whey and 80% casein (approx)

  • Helps in reaching protein targets easily

0.7-.8gram bulk 0.9-1.1gram cut

  • Doesn't harm liver and kidney on healthy individuals
  • Faster digesting
  • Spikes protein synthesis rapidly over a short period of time
  • More leucine content

Isolate is the purest form but is costly

  • Not to be taken right after the workout no such thing as anabolic window unless fasted

If you are fed before no need to take it after a workout

  • A study shows people were fasted and took whey before a workout and benefitted more

You can take it anytime you want to complete your goal

But prioritize taking it from food sources


And that's all, now you know what the best supplements are that you should invest in when you're on a budget. Thanks a lot for your time.


- Stay Devoted

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