Devoted Athlete - Harshit Sharma (@i_harshit02)

Harshit Sharma

"Trust your struggle."

Devoted Athlete - Harshit Sharma (@i_harshit02)

- BOSS Classics Men's physique 2019 -
- Vegetarian Bodybuilder -

Pro Bodybuilding, as we all know, is a very extreme sport. It requires the athlete to push himself/herself to its limits and beyond. There are a lot of obstacles that an athlete faces. And if he/she is vegetarian, then it just takes the level of difficulties to a whole new level!
Harshit here, who is a vegetarian bodybuilder, has been able to push himself & his physique to extreme limits, and secure the 2nd place in the BOSS Classics, 2019. We're extremely glad to have him with us as an athlete at Devoted, and we're looking forward to the various ventures we go upon with him. 
Now, a word from the man himself -

"I started my journey when I was 17 years old with a weight of 40 Kgs and a bicep of 8 inches, I was constantly told by my peers to go home and eat some food. At first, I used to take this criticism negatively, but as time passed, I converted this criticism into devotion.
This was a long 9-year journey of ups and downs, injuries and recoveries, Victories and failures. All that I have learned out of this journey is that if you are Devoted enough to do something and work in the same direction against all odds, no force can stop you to achieve your goals.
At last, the journey gets easier if you have the support of Family, Friends, and God."

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