Mahendran Raja - Devoted Athlete | Gym Wear & Sportswear (@mahendran_raja)

Mahendran Raja

"Don't worry if you are working hard and your rewards are few,
Remember that the mighty oak was once a nut like you."

Mahendran Raja - Devoted Athlete | Gym Wear & Sportswear (@mahendran_raja)

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Life's not about how much money you make, the car you drive or other such objects you own, it's about Loving what you do. People keep working on jobs they hate, thinking that the money that comes with it will solve everything. Money never does solve anything, it never has. It's how you feel inside that matters, nothing else. We're glad to announce that Mahendran, a man driven by this very ideology has just become a part of our Devoted Family.
Now, a few words by the man himself -

"Allow me to introduce myself to you all, I am Mahendran from Chennai and I am an Engineer by academic and worked few years for corporates and then I chose to be a Fitness athlete by profession, I am 27 yrs and I have been training since last 10yrs.

There is so much lined up in my mind and I am wondering where to begin with. Its a privilege to bring my 10 yrs of hard work and experience in front of you guys. Unlike many of you it wasn't an easy task for me too, during my early stage I had a lot of distractions and hurdles in terms of my diet, my training etc etc. I am sure you can relate what I mean.

I followed my intuition, I remained focused on my daily routine ( which includes my food, my gym timing, a regular check on myself) despite all the physical and emotional situations. I learned to fight with my own thoughts day in and day out, I tried to be my own best friend, I compete with myself to be a better me I fought with my own desires and emotions (which I believe we all do). It was never easy neither it will be easy for any of you as an athlete but today when I turn back and look at the journey I have made so far every sacrifice, every battle I fought was worth it.

I personally believe you can not train a body with a messy mind, body bears the fruit of the mind with is deeply rooted into discipline, dedication, strong will and most of all determined not to give up. In fitness, nothing comes for free or discount but I promise you the more you are focused and determined you will lift your trophy sooner than later."

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Mahendran Raja - Devoted Athlete | Gym Wear & Sportswear - @mahendran_raja


  • Team Devoted

    Hi Akash,
    Thanks a lot for your interest in being a Devoted Athlete. Please note that by contacting us here, you have done everything required, our team will now contact you if we’d be interested in a collaboration.

  • Akash Deep

    What is the procedure for being a part of team devoted .How can apply for becoming devoted model.
    In fitness for 3 years

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