About Us


Devoted wear is all about delivering exceptional quality products that motivate you to do more in life.

Devoted reflects our mission to make the World a fitter place.

We are devoted to producing goods that meet all your wardrobe requirements, embodying the commitment to transform into the individual you've always envisioned.

In today's world where people are too confused and have stopped believing in themselves, we work with 100% passion believing in what we do.

We have the willpower, the desire, the dedication, the discipline and the potential to out-do ourselves.

We design, we stitch, we deliver quality infused with performance at your doorstep.

Together, we make shit happen!


We Donate a part of what we make, always. 

We regularly donate a part of our earnings, sometimes it can be money, sometimes food and sometimes our own brand new clothes because just making money is not the end goal.
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Where It All Started

The story of 2 brothers. Both bored as hell of their monotonous lives. One studying in college and other working. Neither satisfied with what they were doing. Both felt as if something was missing in their lives but couldn't really understand what. Both are fitness fanatics, in love with the gym and the hard work that it demands to build the dream physique. One fine afternoon while having drinks(protein shakes), they finally got a grasp of the missing block, which ignited their DEVOTION.

This is our story, and "DEVOTED" is our passion. We promise on motivating you for the rest of our lives and commend you for believing in yourself because that's what life is all about. 

About Our Logo

Our logo symbolizes D from the word Devoted. It is divided into 2 similar different parts, symbolizing the 2 brothers that started with their dream. These similar parts mean that both the brothers are similar yet different in their own way. And they both complete each other and the brand.